Introducing Phoenix Alternative Music

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Phoenix Alternative Merchandise 

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Seeking to develop community, Phoenix offers as low-cost merchandise as we can via various third-party sources, Including items for Phoenix & Exit Hate whom we support. 

Over time this will be increased, with various designs, so please revisit every few months to keep updated.

Want to buy a hoodie? Please visit our store: 

Are you In a band that is against extremism?

Then why not get in touch and see how you can help Exit Hate raise awareness of the dangers of extremism and provide a positive alternative to the extremist message promoted by some bands.


Seeking to link up with bands who want to promote positive, inclusive patriotism and highlight how far-right extremism isn't patriotic, we need your help to get that message out.


To get in touch, please email -  and list the email title as Phoenix Music and this will be passed on to us and one of our network will be in touch.  



* All music produced is the responsibility of the music collective who produces it and may not represent the views or opinions of Exit Hate UK Ltd or any of our partners/affiliates.

Exit Hate UK Ltd support Phoenix Alternative Music as a positive alternative to involvement in far-right extremism.