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About Us

Phoenix Alternative Music was set up in 2019 after Exit Hate supported a musician to walk away from extremism. 

Wanting to give something back, the project initially was set up with Phoenix GB, releasing Final Solution.  A no holds barred look at involvement in far-right extremism and its impact on individuals involved, their families and the communities activists live in.

Today Phoenix Alternative Music is a non-profit community project which allows Former far-right activists to create music however they want to raise awareness of the impact of extremism, but also help activists release their feelings and show what they are thinking today, what involvement is like and how people can change.

Operating as collectives, many individual music projects, do what they can when they can and this webpage is updated as and when new music is created.

If you like what Phoenix does, please let others know and share our music. If you have an idea or just want to talk, please contact us via Exit Hate, ( the charity that supports our project and they will pass your email on.  

Just put Phoenix Alternative Music as the Email header and we will be in touch as soon as we can.