Exit Explained

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Exit UK was set up in 2017 by Nigel Bromage, with the majority of people involved all former members of various far-right organisations with the aim of helping others leave the far-right and rebuild their lives away from extremism. Having rebuilt our lives and begun to have children of our own, we realised how much easier leaving would have been if there’d been an organisation to help us and that is exactly why Exit was set up.

Since then we have worked with hundreds of people and we are committed to providing first-hand, non-judgemental support and advice. NOT the police, we aren’t aligned to any political movement. Everything you say will be treated in confidence and we will never judge you on what you have done, as we have been there ourselves and want you to get the kind of support you need, without judgement.


Still patriotic, we believe patriotism is a good thing, and while we understand your views, we believe extremism and violence solves nothing and highlight even being a member of some far-right groups such as National Action or System Resistance Network is now a criminal offence that could land you with a jail sentence.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, please get in touch before things go too far and we will help you to walk away and start again.


Today Exit is a registered charity (1197666), operating as Exit Hate UK and includes people who are formers, families who have had a loved one involved and professionals who support people to leave hate behind, so we get it and don't judge.

If you’re having second thoughts that the far right isn’t what you expected it would be, and you’re beginning to have doubts, then now is the time to talk to us and do something about it. We are here to listen and we understand, so why not hit the Let's Talk button and let's start talking.