Welcome To The Exit Outreach Hub

This is the one-stop-shop for all Exit Hate Outreach material including - films, podcasts, blog articles and projects Exit Hate support with the aim of reducing far-right extremism.

Seeking to reduce extremism via education, compassion and understanding we provide a safe space for open discussion, to develop materials that can be used by anyone to understand the impact of far-right extremism on those involved, their families and also the communities activists live in.


Providing a Safe Space to talk about people's thoughts all articles, podcasts, opinions and music produced are the sole responsibility of the author/s and may not represent the views or opinions of Exit Hate UK Ltd or any of our partners or affiliates 


Offering alternatives, we seek to help people better understand the push & pull factors of extremist thinking & recruitment and seek where possible to help people leave extremism behind and focus on their future away from hate.


If you are an individual involved or are a family, with a loved one involved, you are not alone. Exit can support you. Just reach out to us for free/non judgemental support today.

Simply put, we care and are here to people in real need, who want to leave far-right extremism or have a loved one involved.

For more details please visit our websites below or contact us directly. 

Please email: info@exithate.org or call 0800 999 1945.


Exit Hate  - For Individual support

Exit Family Support - For Family & Friends support